About Sate IT.

Founded in 2001 as a niche service provider within the telecommunications industry, Sate IT has now evolved into one of the most respected business information technology (IT) infrastructure providers in southern Europe. We are now offering a comprehensive suite of Information Technology services and Technology solutions. Over the years we managed to build a comprehensive and wide-ranging business driven portfolio of products and services affording us a key position in the market. Sate IT is now specializing on Business Infrastructures that include Access Control, Security, Structure Cabling, Telephony, Networking and specialized IT Consulting.

By constantly following market trends Sate IT manages to increase the value and the quality of its offering across technologies and services. Our objective is to offer complete technical and technological support, before and after the sale of the service or product, by guiding and informing customers on selecting precisely what suits their current and future needs.

We aim to be the wisest choice for our clients by being responsible and dependable. The Sate IT brand is owned and trademarked by Gedema Communications Ltd. A prominent company in the B2B sector that is authorized by the European Licensed Private Security Providers (and state police) to provide pan European security services.

The Team

We firmly believe that, if you hire the best people, give them the best tools and engage them daily as human beings, they pass on this respect to their clients in the form of great service. Getting the technical side right is always our focus but we also never forget that in a service-centric businesses it all comes down to people – and ours are the best. We take pride in our staff and genuinely value the relationships that we’ve built with our clients over the years.


Sate IT has been partnering with corporate and private clients to provide affordable and strategic solutions in a constantly evolving environment. We combine the benefits of the latest enterprise-class tools, a knowledgeable driven core staff, and the services of a tightly integrated network of engineers and consultants to bring you a solution that ensures maximum uptime for your critical infrastructure. While other consulting firms only have the capacity to respond to client needs on an as-needed basis, we dedicate our resources to implementing long-term, proactive solutions.

We possess the analytical skills necessary to help our clients make calculated decisions that are in line with their budgetary and business requirements.