Voice over internet protocol, or VoIP lines, send voice data through the internet rather than traditional phone lines and thus can save thousands for companies operating globally by reducing or eliminating telephone bills. Their flexibility easily supports multiple offices, a mobile workforce, and ever changing staff sizes. Software-controlled VoIP systems can be managed in the cloud and offer innovative features that can integrate with the latest business systems such as CRMs and ERPs. Conversely, in a multinational enterprise environment, network congestion can occur at any time in any portion of the network, branch office, or WAN.

For successful deployment of IP telephony, engineers must ensure end-to-end network quality for voice traffic (QoS) across all areas and regions of the enterprise network. Like other real-time applications, VoIP is bandwidth and delay-sensitive. However, done right, IP Business Phone Systems can offer highly flexible and highly networkable solutions for a modern company operating in a globalized business landscape. If your business makes a lot of international calls, VoIP will save you money on these calls. Real-time global voice over IP (VoIP) must provision sufficient network bandwidth to support real-time voice traffic. If you are ready to investigate unrestricted global telephony then do contact us for a talk.