Gedema Communications Ltd

Founded in 2001 as a niche telecommunications service provider, Gedema has evolved into a leading Information Technology (IT) infrastructure firm in southern Europe. Our journey has been marked by continuous growth and adaptability to industry trends. Currently, Gedema specializes in Business Infrastructures, prioritizing security systems, and has become a prominent player in the B2B sector.

Our comprehensive suite of services includes Access Control, Security, Structured Cabling, Networking, and specialized IT Consulting. Recognizing the evolving landscape, we have strategically shifted from traditional telephony to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), reflecting our commitment to adopting cutting-edge technologies

At Gedema, security systems take precedence, aligning with our dedication to providing reliable and secure solutions. Our services extend beyond mere infrastructure provision; we offer tailored technical and technological support. By staying informed about market trends, we continually enhance the quality and value of our offerings across various technologies.

We take pride in being a responsible and dependable choice for our clients, ensuring that our services meet both their current and future needs. Additionally, Gedema holds authorization from the European Licensed Private Security Providers and state police, underscoring our commitment to delivering pan-European security services at the highest standards. As we move forward, Gedema remains steadfast in its mission to be a trusted partner, offering state-of-the-art IT solutions with a focus on security and reliability.

Business Infrastructure Solutions

Structure Cabling

A structured cabling system provides an entirely predictable telecommunications infrastructure


Providing reliable security solutions is one of the central concerns of modern businesses and societies


Gedema hybrid and VoIP telephone systems offer this particular flexibility required by many business today

Networking IT

We provide companies with innovative network infrastructures to facilitate performance and reliability

Why Gedema?

Gedema, your strategic IT partner, excels in delivering affordable solutions within the dynamic tech landscape. Specializing in security systems and VoIP, we guarantee maximum uptime for critical infrastructure. Our approach integrates enterprise-class tools, a skilled core staff, and expert engineers, fortifying your organization against threats while enhancing communication efficiency. Rely on Gedema for innovative, secure, and cost-effective IT solutions.