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At Sate IT we strive to offer the latest equipment, know-how and infrastructure to companies, professionals and private individuals that want to take advantage of the smartest technological developments. Sate IT offers a complete technical and technological support before and after the sale of its services and products. Guiding and informing customers to select what corresponds to their real needs, minimizing cost and maximizing quality are our main priorities. Safety, reliability and overall satisfaction of the customer constitute the basic terms of our enterprising activity.

Sàte IT by Gedema Communications Ltd


    Structure Cabling

    A structured cabling system provides an entirely predictable telecommunications infrastructure


    Providing reliable security solutions is one of the central concerns of modern businesses and societies


    Sate IT hybrid and VoIP telephone systems offer this particular flexibility required by many business today

    Networking IT

    We provide companies with innovative network infrastructures to facilitate performance and reliability

    IoT & Automatons

    IoT and automation will transform the way we work and live as everything will be interconnected


    Specialized technology requires experience and expertise which is not typically found within companies