Video door-phone, intelligent door entry or intercom can be a standalone or interconnected system that can manage and control the entrance of a multi-apartment residence, detached home, warehouse or office. In general, access is controlled by audiovisual communication. The most basic version of the system enables the person indoors to identify the visitor and allow controlled access to the person calling. However, video door entry systems are now frequently integrated with access control systems. Some allow you to provide access from anywhere in the world though your smartphone, tablet or pc.
This allows authorized users to have easy with proximity cards, fingerprint readers, a keypad or a Bluetooth that is triggered by a smart phone. Add convenience and security to your premises with an advanced intercom system from Sate IT. We provide a wide range of intercom systems and sophisticated video door phones equipped with HD video and audio feed as well as multi zone and multi access capabilities. We can design and install an intercom system for your business or any other building with bespoke intercom entry solutions from the most trusted global brands.