A fire alarm system detects and warns people and Building Management Systems (BMS) through visual and audio when smoke, fire or other dangerous gasses and emergencies are present. Our Fire Alarms are designed to activate automatically from smoke and heat detectors but may also be activated via manual fire alarm activation devices. Fire Alarm Sounders can be motorized bells, wall mountable sounders or even horns for industrial applications. They can also be designed to activate a voice evacuation message to warn people inside the building not to use the elevators.
Sate IT provides professional fire alarm and detection services, inspections and repairs to major product lines. Our trained and qualified crews, can help design and install a complete system according to your requirements for numerous types of fire alarm systems. We also carry inspections to current systems, remote monitoring and after sales service. We can provide you with a complete fire alarm system installation from some of the top brands within the industry. Our current installations and know-how extents to residential, commercial and even industrial applications. Our fire alarm and detection professionals would be pleased to provide a complete certification and testing program for any of your facilities.