A server rack is a frame specifically designed to hold and organize IT equipment. The industry standard has a 19” (48.3 cm) front panel and comes in three widths: 19”, 23”, 24”. Rack servers are typically mounted in larger quantities to produce a higher computing efficiency per square foot, as installing the server in a server rack allows for vertical stacking. A server cabinet has doors in the front and rear of the rack which are usually perforated in order increase ventilation within the enclosure. A server rack cabinet offers additional security due to its ability to be locked. Sate IT server racks are compatible with all the leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) servers and equipment.

Our fully enclosed server cabinets comply with the OEM air flow requirements while our open frame server racks optimize cooling and make the wiring process very easy. Sate IT racks come in many sizes and a complete assembly service. For small office spaces, our portable rack fits nicely under a desk or a small enclosure. For harsh and remote environments, we offer portable case racks that are tough, watertight and can also absorb various shocks. Whatever cabling solution you might select for your business, an appropriate housing is essential. From residential, commercial, to large Data Centers, we offer a product range to address the demands of most housing IT hardware.